1892 - Benjamin Moore refined the process he originally developed for his Calsom Finish and introduced a new product called MURESCO – a wall and ceiling finish unique for its time. So popular was MURESCO that it became a household name and has found a place in Webster’s Standard Dictionary

1897 - Benjamin Moore & Co. launched an expansion program.  This was done to provide proper service to a growing customer base.  Over the next ten years, the Company established a subsidiary in Chicago, and built a factory in that city.  It erected a plant in New Jersey and purchased a factory in Cleveland.

1906 - the Canadian company was incorporated.  Benjamin Moore was elected president at the first shareholders meeting held on September 11, 1906

1907 – his daughter Eleanor marries Ward Crawford Belcher of New York. Ward was born c.1882 and went on to become Vice President of 'Benjamin Moore & Co' from 1916 until 1941.

1909 – in January, Eleanor gives Benjamin his first grandchild – Virginia Moore Belcher.

1912 – on 30th June in Montclair, NJ, a grandson is born – Benjamin Moore Belcher. Benjamin joins the company in 1934 and ends as President & Chairman of the Board.

1912 – in July, Benjamin is mentioned as a potential Republican candidate for the position of Mayor of Montclair, NJ. (NYT 15.07.1912)

1913 – on 20th February, Benjamin is elected to the Governing Committee of the Upper Montclair Country Club. (NYT)

1913 – on 1st April, 30 members of the Upper Montclair Country Club “captured” Benjamin from his home and took him to a dinner at the Club where he was guest of honor, this was prior to his departure the next day for an extended visit to Europe with his wife. (NYT)

1913 – on 19th October, Benjamin admits that he cast a vote at the age of 18, innocent of the age requirement being 21. This followed the charge made by Mayor Ernest C Hinck of Montclair, NJ. (NYT 19.10.1913)

1917 – Benjamin Moore died at the age of 62.